Office located in Merter (a big fashion district in Istanbul) , Marfil provides high fashion and most trendy materials from major fabric producers around the globe for the local and European fashion industry and acts as a trader between the factories and the men’s outwear garment manufacturers. In terms of volume and variety of fabric collection, Marfil is currently the fashion and market leader wholesaler in Turkish market for men’s outwear fabrics.

Our goal is to provide our buyers highest quality materials and to offer them better service and assist them to produce greater valued products to be more competitive in their markets. In order to fully meet the needs of our clients, we always try to maintain a wide range of materials from various sources. Our skills and our technical background also encompass to coordinate fabric production possibilities in local factories in Turkey.

As we are expert in men’s outerwear fabrics, our clients are major Turkish brands and also many other well known brands in Europe and in Russia. We always have stock and we generally do not have a minimum production criteria.

As Marfil, we are continuously expanding our knowledge and services to assist our clients for their succesful garment collections with trendy and competitive materials to attract more wholesalers of the retail industry in Turkey and in Europe.

We maintain mutual business partnerships with many agents and liason offices in Istanbul. We have also direct contact with many factories in Far East like South Korea, Vietnam and China. We work on T/T & D/P base with our contracters and accept L/C’s if needed.

Marfil - Istanbul

Siz Modayı Takip Edersiniz, Marfil Hayatı